Quail Run Summer Golf 2017

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     The Quail Run Summer Golf program gets started on Monday, June 12th and lasts through
Friday, July 7th.  Each clinic session (outlined in blue) will take place at Quail Run. Space will be limited to a maximum of 12 kids per session starting at 8:30 on the corresponding day.  
If necessary, another session will take place beginning at 10:00.  

Age groups and meeting times will be broken down as follows:

Boys & Girls (ages 7 & 8)…Monday's from 8:30-9:30.
Scotus - Lakeview High GIRLS Golf Team...Monday's from 10:00-11:30
Boys & Girls (ages 9 & 10)…Tuesday's from 8:30-9:30. 
 Boys & Girls (ages 11 to 13)…Wednesday's from 8:30-9:30.
Boys & Girls (ages 14 to 16)...Thursday's from 8:30-9:30.

Scotus - Lakeview High BOYS Golf Team...Thursday's from 10:00-11:30

A final schedule of clinic groupings will be available by June 9th.

Friday's will be a designated, SUPERVISED playing day according to the following schedule:

Boys & Girls (ages 7 & 8)...8:00am at VanBerg - 9 Holes from 100 yards.
Boys & Girls (ages 9 & 10)...9:00am at VanBerg - 9 Holes from 200 yards.
Boys & Girls (ages 11-13)...10:00am at VanBerg - 9 Holes RED tees.
Boys & Girls (ages 14-16)...11:00am at VanBerg...9 Holes from WHITE tees
Scotus - Lakeview - Columbus High BOYS & GIRLS Golf Team...9:00am at Quail Run

Equipment ...
When it comes to clubs for kids there are two main areas of concern....grip condition and club length.  Equipment will be checked for these 2 factors as one is just as important as the other.  
If necessary, I have plenty of old clubs that can be cut to length and properly re-gripped….

Should you be in need of any help, please ask!

The first week of the program will focus on applying certain rules as they relate to safety, etiquette, and respect, which are essential elements required to enjoy the game.  The following 3 weeks will be spent applying and reinforcing the basic fundamentals of golf which are Stance, Alignment, Ball Position, Grip & Grip Pressure, Posture & Club Releaseand how it all relates to the swinging of the golf club.  The ultimate goal of this program is to help prepare kids for the 2017 Junior City Golf Championships that willl be held on Wednesday & Thursday, July 19th (Elk's) & 20th (Quail Run).

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Douglas Dunbar
Director of Golf/GM