Quail Run

Men's Association 

     The Quail Run Men's Association is open to men that play at Quail Run and/or VanBerg.  The association sponsor's a variety of well organized, competitive events beginning on Saturday, April 23 and lasting through Sunday, Aug 14th.  Every event is formatted and/or handicapped to allow participants to be competitive despite their level of ability.  

     Establishing and maintaining an accurate and consistent system for handicapping is essential in making each event competitive.  In order to accomplish this, Quail Run golfers are asked to return ALL scorecards to the golf shop so that scores may be posted and handicaps kept current.  All association events will be conducted in accordance with the rules of golf as specified by the USGA (down everywhere) so it is strongly recommended that all players and their respective groups adopt this form of play on a regular basis.


  • Players compete from same tees. 
  • There will be a gross score and net score payout.
  • Gross Cup points awarded to players with the top 16 GROSS scores.
  • Net Division Cup Points awarded to top 16 NET scores.

The 2022 dues are $60 and includes:  

  • Quail Run handicap fee for 2022...($25 value)
  • Complimentary cook-out for 6 events 
  • Guaranteed prize fund of at least $1000 per event
  • 2 events with cash prizes

     In conjunction with several of these Men's Association events, we wil hold a series of 6 qualifiers where points are distributed to the low 16 scores in each event.  The 12 men that have accumulated the most points in the GROSS division over the series of qualifiers will represent Quail Run in the Columbus Cup Matches at WildHorse in Gothenburg in October.  In addition, the top 16 NET scores will also receive points for the NET DIVISION TEAM that will also represent Quail Run in the cup matches at a location TBD.



DATE                                                              FORMAT                                                                   
Saturday, April 23rd          QR 2-man SCRAMBLE (gross & net)

Saturday, May 21st         
   2-man BEST BALL (gross & net)...CQ#1

Saturday, June 4th            Cash Skins Game (gross & net w/100% payback)…CQ#2
Saturday, June 25th          VANBERG 2-man BEST BALL...Gross & Net...CQ #3

Saturday, July 23rd           Quail Run Individual Stroke-Play...Gross & Net...CQ #4

Sat. & Sun. Aug 13-14        Quail Run Championships…CQ #5 & #6

Sat. & Sun. Oct. 1-2            Columbus Cup Matches Gross & Net Division 


Current Members (95)

Aaron Wescoat - Adam Franzluebber - Adam Korger - Al Starzec - Andrew Fritton  - Andy Kallhoff
Andy Kurtenbach - Aric Alt - Arlen Wemhoff - Austin Kuta - 
Bill Puckett - Brent Hofferber - Brett Swierczek
Brian Held - Brian Kleveland - Brian Konecky - Bruce Jensen - Brian Konecky
- Charlie Jasper - Chris Dufek - Chris Dreifurst
Chuck Jensen - Cliff Meays - Clint Williams - Craig Arasmith - Craig Post - Craig Spohn - Dan Cermak - Dan Steiner

Darin Berger - Darin Christensen -  Dave Rosendahl - Dave Schlautman - Denny Gangwish - Dillon Lesiak - Dirk Bargen
Don Muhle - Don Swedenburg - Eric Sedlacek - Gary Becher - Gary Muth - 
Greg Lower - Jack Steiner - Jamie Ferguson
Jamie Held - Jim Irwin - John Williams
 - Jon Hoadley - Jon Misfeldt - Josh Oltmann - Kim Grubaugh
Larry Ernst - Larry Micek - Lee Aschoff - Lee Sander - Lyle Vancura - Mark Asmus - Marshall Dreifurst - 
Marshall Obal
Mike Anderson - Mike Miller - Nick Groene - Randy Lucht - Randy Ostrander - Randy Riley - 
Randy Sedlacek
Rick Klug - Rob Gasper - Roy Kranz - Russ Kuhn - Ryan Bargen - Scott Beiermann - Scott Chaphe - Scott Gotschall
Shane Blaser - 
Shannon Cole - Steve Mabee - Tatuem Lueschen - Terry Odgaard - Terry Peterson - Tim Parker - Todd Sander
Tom Smith - Tom Kozak - Tom Lange - Tony Jasper - Tyson Owens

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